The hall has Two Main rooms for rent

The multipurpose room is 33ft wide and 43ft long or about 1320 sq ft large enough to hold about 125 people seated at 15 round tables.

We have 15 ea 5ft round tables and 7ea 8ft long rectangle tables

We also have 125 folding chairs

The Bigger Room has permanent seating for 96 seats and has the room to add the other folding chairs 125 ea for larger meetings. We have had several Weddings in the room and it works quite well. 


The room is large enough that it can even hold a large "Bouncy House". By the way the kids and even the large kids loved it.

The lobby to our hall is also roomy and could hold several things at once.











The Kitchen is usable and has many of the things that are needed for a party, meeting, social event, or whatever you may have in mind.